How to Reduce the Number of Recycled Items You Use Every Day

There is a lot of data out there indicating that the amount of recycled materials we use every day is skyrocketing. It seems like every day, something new is happening in the world of recycling, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. So how can you reduce the number of recycled materials you use every […]

Recycling Your E-Waste: Tips And Tricks

You’ve heard of the recycling “it’s-all-in-the-bag” campaign. Whether you live near a city or not, you know that sorting your e-waste can be pricey and time-consuming. But don’t worry, there are ways to reduce your e-waste without having to break the bank. Here are some tips and tricks to help reduce your E-waste! How to […]

5 Myths about Recycling

There has been an unending debate towards the real merits of recycling from households to different waste management programs. Does it help the environment? What are the things I can recycle? These are simple questions that may have varying answers. Still, the truth is that recycling technology, and global markets are evolving tremendously, that many […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring A Skip Bin

Do you want to get rid of unnecessary belongings and rubbish? It’s simple, hire a skip bin. Hiring skip bins is a straightforward task that can easily aid you with your waste removal project. A skip bin hire can do the job for you, whether it’s a weekend’s worth of garbage or a construction clear […]

What to Consider Before Using a Skip Bin Hire Company

Disposing large volumes of rubbish is a challenging task that you don’t want to deal with, especially if you are a busy person and work full time. However, proper waste management is paramount in any household or business. Skip bins don’t just make the waste disposal easy and convenient, but it is also safer and […]

Choosing the Correct Skip Bin Size

At Ballarat Skip Bin Hire, we offer various sizes of skip bins for hire. If it’s your first time hiring a skip bin, it can be difficult for you to decide on which size is appropriate for the waste you’re trying to dispose of. No one wants to spend money on the wrong skip bins—whether […]

5 Benefits of Hiring Skip Bins for Better Waste Management

Whether you’re at home or work, rubbish can pile up everywhere if you’re doing a big clean-up job. There comes a time that your regular bin can’t handle it anymore and it could be nerve-wracking. Some people who don’t have the right waste solution can be discouraged from starting a certain project.  Rather than being […]

5 Benefits of Hiring Skip Bins for Better Waste Management

In reality, we are surrounded by plastics. Discarded packaging, consumer goods, and our clothing that sheds microplastic fibres when washed. Experts estimate that there are at least 51 trillion pieces of plastic waste in the world’s oceans! Just looking at the number of plastics we use every day, it seems impossible to remove plastics. What we can […]

3 Simple Ways to Safely Dispose of Electronic Waste

Since we are in the digital age, residential and commercial properties alike may have electronic wastes piling up around their areas. Old televisions, phones that are not working, bulky computer monitors, name it, there is a lot of e-waste we can’t seem to get rid of. Whether it is a large-scale home improvement project or […]

Things You Can and Can’t Put in A General Waste Skip Bin

Tons of wastes are being disposed of all over the world every day, so proper waste management is a crucial process everyone should be aware of. Whether you want to do it on your own or prefer to hire a skip bin to take care of everything – ensuring that your wastes are properly disposed […]