Choosing the Correct Skip Bin Size

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At Ballarat Skip Bin Hire, we offer various sizes of skip bins for hire. If it’s your first time hiring a skip bin, it can be difficult for you to decide on which size is appropriate for the waste you’re trying to dispose of. No one wants to spend money on the wrong skip bins—whether it’s too small or too large!

By planning and considering the size of your project, you’ll prevent extra costs and delays in waste collection.

What Type of Waste Are You Disposing of?

Before choosing a skip bin, you have to consider the waste that you’re disposing of because each skip bin is designed for specific waste. For instance, you need marrel skip bins for a renovation or building project because it requires stronger and more sturdy bins compared to disposing of regular wastes. 

Here at Ballarat Skip Bin Hire, we can help you dispose of and recycle almost all types of rubbish. However, some hazardous wastes such as biological waste and chemicals require special disposal methods. Thus, it can’t be disposed of in our skip bins. 

Guide to Skip Bin Sizes

Our skip bins come in various sizes—from the smallest to the largest skip bin, we’ve got all you need! Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, our skip bins suit any type of job.

To better understand the concept of skip bin sizes, we use the wheelie bin method to give you an idea and a visual representation of the size of the skip bins.

2m³ = Approx 8 Wheelie Bins = Approx 2-3 Trailers

This skip bin is also called mini skip because it’s the smallest skip bin for hire. It’s perfect for small clean-up jobs, decluttering your household, or removing junk from construction sites. If you’re removing larger junk such as furniture, you may need a bigger skip bin.

3m³ = Approx 12 Wheelie Bins = Approx 4-5 Trailers

This bin can be used to fill less bulky items from your household or green waste from gardens. Ideally, it’s used when moving homes.

4m³ = Approx 16 Wheelie Bins = Approx 6-7 Trailers

This is popular and widely used in standard household decluttering, gardens, or construction sites. You can dispose of large and bulky furniture in this skip bin.

This is also the ideal size if you’re renovating multiple rooms.

6m³ = Approx 24 Wheelie Bins = Approx 9-10 Trailers

You’ll need this skip bin if you’re demolishing an area in your home or you’re clearing your family’s home. This can accommodate large furniture.


When choosing the best size for your skip bins, you also need to consider the terms and conditions of the company that you’re looking into. For instance, some companies do not allow certain waste to be put in their skip bins. It’s wise to check their terms and conditions to avoid cancellations and delays on your project. 

If you need more information regarding our skip bins and our terms, we have the friendliest skip bin hire professionals who can discuss with you our services and waste disposal process.