3 Simple Ways to Safely Dispose of Electronic Waste

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Since we are in the digital age, residential and commercial properties alike may have electronic waste piling up around their areas. Old televisions, phones that are not working, bulky computer monitors, name it, there is a lot of e-waste we can’t seem to get rid of. Whether it is a large-scale home improvement project or a simple spring cleaning, you might end up with some appliances or electronics you need to throw away. Well, you might be unsure of how to get them out of the house because where will you throw them? Is it safe to just leave them on the streets? Worry no more because we got you covered.

Fortunately, at Ballarat Skip Bin Hire, we are trained and experienced in handling various electronic waste. Unlike some skip bin hires in Victoria, we guarantee that we can safely dispose of e-waste items that contain non-renewable resources and hazardous components. By hiring a skip bin, you can guarantee that your e-waste is safely and responsibly disposed of. However, if you are scouring for alternatives, here are some simple ways on how you can properly manage your electronic waste. 

Drop them off at certified e-waste recycler facilities in your area

If you think parts of your appliances or electronics can still be recycled, it might be better to search for an e-waste recycling centre near you. They are the companies that are dedicated to recycling electronic waste in a safe and responsible process. When you decide to work with these certified e-waste recycler facilities, you will not have to worry about polluting other nations or your electronics ending up in a landfill. Besides that, they will also help you get rid of your personal details or important information on your device. 

Donate or sell outdated electronics

Giving away or selling obsolete electronics are some of the best ways to manage your e-waste properly. If your appliances or electronics are still functioning well, but you have already upgraded to a newer version, you can sell them on various popular websites like eBay and Craigslist. Besides that, you can also sell them at local electronic shops or put them on your garage sale. Donating old but working phones, desktops, printers, and other electronic devices to NGOs is also an excellent way to ensure that these items can still serve their purpose in other homes or schools. However, before you sell or donate your electronics, you have to ensure that you format all your details or important information on the device. 

Rent instead of buying

There are some electronic devices that you may rarely use. So instead of purchasing them and letting them sit in the basement for the next few years, it might be better to just rent the item. For example, you need a video projector for the launch of your new business. You will probably just use the video projector for that time, so rather than buying a new one, you can find a store that lets you rent it. Renting is a cost-effective and eco-friendly skip bin alternative because you just have to pay for the duration of your usage. Since you will just rent the whole device, you can minimize your e-waste and still get the functionality you require at that particular event. Reach out to our team of skip bin hire experts today to explore how we can offer our assistance!