Things You Can and Can’t Put in A General Waste Skip Bin

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Tons of waste are being disposed of all over the world every day, so proper waste management is a crucial process everyone should be aware of. Whether you want to do it on your own or prefer to hire a skip bin to take care of everything – ensuring that your wastes are properly disposed of is important. 

For those who are too busy to handle waste disposal on their own, hiring a skip bin in Ballarat is a straightforward solution you can try. From a week’s worth of trash, a spring cleaning project or rubbish from a large-scale home renovation and construction project, a skip bin hire can handle it all for you. 

At Ballarat Skip Bin Hire, we aim to provide waste management solutions that are convenient, safe and hassle-free. That is why we offer various skip bin hires that can accommodate different types of waste. However, there are still limitations to the use of skip bins. So, before you decide to have a general waste skip bin, look into what you can and cannot put in it. This step is vital to ensure that the skip bin hire company will not refuse or charge you extra because of the restricted waste in your skip bin. 

Things You Can Put in Skip Bin

Usually, the items you can put in a general waste skip bin are classified under three categories – general household waste, garden waste and renovation waste. Although the staff will discuss the things that you can and can’t put in the skip bin, it can still be overwhelming to remember all of them, so our team has prepared a list of items for each of the three categories. You can also refer to this list if you are not sure what category your wastes fall under. 

General Household Waste

  • boxes, packaging cardboards
  • clothes
  • any type of furniture
  • kitchenware such as utensils, dishes, cookware or tools
  • toys
  • paper waste such as magazines, books, newspapers and other print materials
  • empty cans
  • plastic bottles, empty cartons, glass bottles, jars and other food packaging
  • cleaning appliances such as dryers, dishwashers, washing machines and others
  • entertainment appliances such as speakers, computers, cellular phones, televisions, DVD players and others

Garden Waste 

  • leaves
  • branches and twigs
  • clippings
  • wood
  • tree bark
  • flowers
  • woodchips
  • pebbles

Renovation Waste

  • bricks
  • steel
  • concrete
  • tiles
  • metal
  • dirt
  • sand

Important Note:
 although the things listed above are accepted in a skip bin, it is essential to remember that you cannot put all these types of waste in one skip bin and mix them. To avoid complications when the skip bin company picks up your bins, you have to properly categorize and segregate your wastes. You can also discuss the typical waste you dispose of with the skip bin hire company so they can offer you the right size and type for your convenience. 

Things You Can’t Put In a Skip Bin 

As a standard procedure, the skip bin company will discuss the items you cannot put in the skip bin. Due to the hazardous components of some materials, they have to be handled and disposed of differently. Here are some of the items that are restricted to any type of skip bin. 

  • batteries
  • asbestos
  • insulation materials
  • any type of chemicals
  • food wastes, liquids
  • compressed gas cylinder
  • oil
  • fuel
  • medical waste
  • solvents
  • gas bottles
  • radioactive materials
  • fluorescent bulbs
  • explosives
  • poisons

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