5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring A Skip Bin

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Do you want to get rid of unnecessary belongings and rubbish? It’s simple, hire a skip bin. Hiring skip bins is a straightforward task that can easily aid you with your waste removal project.

A skip bin hire can do the job for you, whether it’s a weekend’s worth of garbage or a construction clear out. It makes waste disposal convenient, safe, and hassle-free. 

It may be one of the no-brainer solutions to keep your trash at bay, but it can still spell trouble if it is your first time trying a skip bin hire in Ballarat. Make your disposal time easier and enlighten yourself with the top five mistakes to avoid hiring a skip bin. 

Choosing the wrong skip bin size

You need to gauge the amount of garbage you need to dispose of and then choose various skip bin sizes. It may seem like a trivial step at first, but complications may follow if not done correctly.

Many people make the mistake of hiring too small bins thinking that they can save more. However, if it can’t accommodate all your rubbish, you will need to hire another and pay for it again. Too big skip bins are also a waste of money if your garbage is not worth half of its size. 

We know that estimating your skip bin size for the first time can feel complicated for you but worry not because some skip bin hires in Ballarat may offer standard sized skips. This option is cost-effective because they will only charge you depending on the amount of trash you put in the bin. 

Picking the wrong skip bin type

Although you need to dispose of all your trash, you cannot put it all in one bin. Segregating your garbage and hiring different containers for each waste type is a must for safety and practical reasons.

Know what type of garbage you will dispose of before calling for a skip bin hire because they may decline in collecting your waste if you put the wrong waste types in the bin. If you are not sure of your garbage type, ask your skip bin hire’s company for professional advice. 

Failing to find a suitable location

Before hiring a skip bin, make sure to consider where it will sit. You can estimate the bin’s measurements and find a space not to obstruct cars and pedestrians. You also have to get permits from the local council if you plan to put your bin on the street to avoid receiving a fine. 

Exceeding bin’s limitation

There are specific weight limitations in every skip bin, so ensure that you follow them to avoid complications. Overfilling it can be dangerous for the people transporting your containers. 

If they find out that your waste exceeds the maximum capacity, they will remove some of it and leave it to your residence. Overfilling your bins will not save you money. It can only cause you extra work, and you might even get penalties for it.

Forgetting to recycle

Segregating and recycling may seem like tedious tasks, but you should do your role in lessening the amount of garbage dumped in landfills. Choose what items can still be repurposed instead of disposing of everything. This simple act can significantly help the environment.


Book an affordable skip bin hire today to keep all your rubbish away! Find the best skip bin hire deals that will suit your needs and requirements. Remember to avoid these mistakes so that the next time you use skip bin hires in Ballarat, the process will be easy and convenient. Contact our team of skip bin hire today to discover the ways in which we can assist you!