5 Myths about Recycling

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There has been an unending debate towards the real merits of recycling from households to different waste management programs. Does it help the environment? What are the things I can recycle? These are simple questions that may have varying answers. Still, the truth is that recycling technology and global markets are evolving tremendously, and many people are often confused and stuck in outdated solutions. 

There is information overload about recycling that makes it harder to discern what’s real and what isn’t about these blue skip bins in Ballarat. It is time to debunk the myths and determine the truth about recycling. Here are the five myths about recycling that you should be aware of. 

Myth #1: You can place all your recyclables in one bin

The single-stream recycling system is the most significant contributing factor to why many people find recycling easier. They think you no longer need to segregate your recyclables by the type of material and toss it all in the blue bin. Although this will save you a lot of time, it can lead to a concerning contamination amount. Imagine mixing paper trash, fruit peelings, and broken glass in one skip bin. This act will not just cause the skip bin hire trouble but will also contaminate other recyclables. It can jam up their machinery, so in the end, it can even cause danger to their workers. 

Next time you take care of your recyclables, make sure to segregate them and place them in different skip bins according to the recycling system your community follows. You can also check the rules and restrictions about recycling in your community or the skip bin company you hire to make sure you are doing it correctly. 

Myth #2: You can only recycle materials once

This is a common misconception that has stopped many people from recycling. Plastic with a shorter lifespan, can typically be recycled once or twice because the polymers break down during the process which makes its structure weaker. However, manufacturers are incorporating it into other durable materials such as composite decks. On the other hand, some materials can be broken down and re-used continually without their quality degradation. Some examples are glass and metals. 

Myth #3: Making something new is faster and saves more energy than recycling

Recycling seems like a tedious process that most people will steer clear of, especially if they can buy something new. However, based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s research, if you recycle aluminium cans, it can save 95% of the energy needed when producing new ones out of raw materials. There is 60% to 74% of energy saved if you recycle steel and tins, while 60% of energy is saved if you recycle paper. Besides that, if you recycle one glass bottle rather than producing a new one, it can generate enough energy to operate a 100-watt light bulb for four hours. 

Myth #4: Recycled products are low quality

Years ago, this assumption might have held some truth because they observed that recycled materials have weaker structures and are slightly thinner than other alternatives. However, decades have passed, and developments have emerged. Recycled materials are no longer inferior to new ones. You can now achieve a low-cost option with recycled materials, but it still meets the quality and performance of those made out of raw materials. 

Myth #5: The best way to reduce rubbish is to recycle

This is a misconception that should be discussed in a new light. Note that you can only recycle the waste that you have already generated. Recycling helps reduce your waste, but the best solution is still to reduce or stop yourself from producing litter in the first place. For example, you can bring your tumbler and reusable straw when eating outside instead of buying disposable plastic bottles and using plastic straws. 


Environmentalism’s foundation can be found in recycling. Although it has been proven for many years how this simple act can help nature’s preservation, many people are yet to be convinced of the real value it holds. Skip bin hires in Ballarat also advise people to segregate and repurpose items instead of putting them all in a container. It may be a simple act, but if everyone does their part, it can help lessen the alarming issues that our planet faces right now. Reach out to our team of skip bin hire experts today to explore how we can offer our assistance!